After nearly twenty two years in Minnesota, my husband and I have recently moved back to our native state of California for this next chapter in our lives. These few weeks following my month-long stint teaching and performing again with Lutheran Summer Music in Decorah, IA in July, have found me re-grouping, unpacking and organizing our new space in earnest as I prepare to establish new teaching situations and explore some performing opportunities in the area as well. I’ve already been in conversation with one prominent voice teacher in San Luis Obispo who is looking to expand her studio teacher roster. We seem to have similar teaching philosophies and I believe this new business relationship will prove to be a wonderful fit for us both.

Another exciting development which unfolded this past Spring was being approached by the San Francisco-based Savvy Company about joining their international private teacher roster. This innovative teaching platform incorporates the internet with online voice lessons. Similar to the Skype technology, Savvy coordinates voice instruction between teachers and students within a high fidelity video camera and digital audio environment. I am enthusiastic to explore the possibilities of this business model and much encouraged by what I’ve seen and heard so far. Both the video and audio capabilities are superior to what I have previously experienced when using Skype. An update of this new development and more information will follow soon.

In the meantime, I need to get our piano tuned, unpack my music and find some students!